A BL-CSC Converter-Fed BLDC Motor Drive With Power Factor Correction

  • September 8, 2015
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A BL-CSC Converter-Fed BLDC Motor Drive With Power Factor Correction


The proposed BL-CSC converter operating in a discontinuous inductor current mode is used to achieve a unity power factor at the ac mains using a single voltage sensor. The speed of the BLDC motor is controlled by varying the dc bus voltage of the voltage source inverter (VSI) feeding the BLDC motor via a PFC converter. Therefore, the BLDC motor is electronically commutated such that the VSI operates in fundamental frequency switching for reduced switching losses. Moreover, the bridgeless configuration of the CSC converter offers low conduction losses due to partial elimination of diode bridge rectifier at the front end. The proposed configuration shows a considerable increase in efficiency as compared with the conventional scheme.





Power factor correction (PFC) converters are used for improving the power quality at the ac mains. Many configurations of single-stage power conversion with and without isolation have been reported in the literature. These converters have less number of components and, thus, have low losses associated with them. The cost of these converters becomes an important parameter, which is primarily decided by the amount of sensing requirement, which depends on the mode of operation of the PFC converter. A current multiplier approach is used for the PFC converter operating in continuous conduction mode (CCM), which offers low stresses on the PFC converter’s switch but requires three sensors, whereas a single voltage sensor is required for the PFC converter operating in discontinuous conduction mode (DCM) using the voltage follower approach, but at the cost of high stresses on the PFC converter’s switch.


This work aims at the development of a bridgeless configuration of a CSC converter, which offers partial elimination of DBR at the front end for reducing the conduction losses associated with it. Moreover, the application of this converter for feeding a BLDC motor drive is discussed to develop a low cost solution for low-power application.


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